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Whether you want to give once, give monthly, or donate a security or mutual fund for great financial benefits, with Operation Solidarity you can donate online. Help us give back to the Elite soldiers and their families for their sacrifices. Help them reintegrate back into their families, friendships, and communities. 

It is as easy as Choosing how you want to give: give once, or give monthly and follow the simple steps to complete your donation in minutes.

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OP SOLIDARITY has supported the following organizations/causes in 2020:

Feb 13, 20 -  Donated  $150.00 to the Veterans Transition Network Fund which will assist 6 veterans receiving a 1hr free consultation.

Feb 13, 20 - Donated  $100.00 to the V-42 Foundation assisting CANSOF members.

Feb 13, 20 - Donated  $100.00 to the Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit (CVSDU) Fund assisting veterans in receiving a service dog.

Feb 13, 20 - Donated  $15.00 to Canada helps Canadian Fund assisting Veterans non-profits and charities to advertise.

Feb 13, 20 - Donated  $102.89 to the SOLDIER ON Fund assisting Military Veterans.

Feb 15, 20 - Donated  $102.89 to the Support our Troops Canada assisting Military Veterans.

Apr 30, 20 - Donated $145.80 in support to the families of the Canadian Armed Forces Cyclone Helicopter Crash of Apr 29, 2020 off the coast of Greece.

May 22, 20 - Donated $200 in Emergency funds to a CAF soldier in need of family assistance.

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